A Jolt of Strength.

doorwayLoneliness had crept back into her heart again. There were spasms of anxiety rolling like thunder through her veins.
Nadia looked into his eyes and was paralyzed by his cold nature, “Are you leaving me again?” she asked already dreading the answer. James stood on the other side of the room, staring down at the floor. His hands were stuck uncomfortably in his pockets, and he could not fathom to make eye contact. He had done this before. After an eternity of silence, he said these carefully planned words, “Nadia, I am not ready.”
Instead of bursting into those embarrassing, uncontrollable tears, Nadia suddenly sat up with confidence. She was filled with adrenalin.
How dare I be broken? Let this man go, let this man go.
“You are free.”
Nadia walked to her bedroom door and looked into the eyes of man that she loved for one more time. He was not the same.
She gripped the doorknob and made that sharp turn.
Nadia quietly shut the door after his exit and looked in her vanity mirror.
She gently caressed her hand across her growing stomach and felt that she had found her destiny.
“I have let him go, and we will be okay.”

darling, domo

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