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My Neglected Hobby.


Tonight I had planned on going out with childhood friends and attending service in the morning. Most people find this to be an act of hypocrisy, but thankfully a thunderstorm intervened. I always like to sit in silence when it rains. I am always asking myself very frightening questions. What do I want most out of life? Should I trust this person? Will I ever be financially and professionally at peace? At the moment, I am sure that I want to be an English major. Why else would I attend college? Numbers and I have always had an issue. I despise math. History was not that bad. I am well at memorizing events. Science is very interesting, but my attention was always set on excelling with words. I loved winning Spelling Bees. I would be the student reading another book while the class was reading out loud.  Mom even took a book away from me as punishment for being disobedient as a child. I cried. Yes, I was a little soft. Now, I barely read books. I am always online reading. I miss feeling the comfort of a book in my hand. I miss telling myself that I would read just one more chapter, and then I would finally go to sleep. I remember I would rush and do all my homework and chores just so I can read for the rest of the night. I want to become a better writer, but it seems I have forgotten where I had learned the art of words. I read them. Then, I wrote them. I am in need of a good read. It looks as though my routine trips to Barnes and Noble are back in full effect.

darling, domo

1 comment on “My Neglected Hobby.

  1. Beautifully written!

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