Pretty Face.


There must have been a defining moment in his life that he discovered that he could make anyone fall. A face of beautiful dimensions he possesses. A body that would startle the masses. He told me to give him a chance. He explained that he had toyed with only shallow women’s emotions, but saw me as a humble token. As I began to opened up, I saw the pattern of manipulations had began to form. The pretty face was attempting to make me fall. The pretty face thought that if he could even get close to my heart, he could have it all. He deemed me insecure when I explained that I could not be another victim, but I knew inwardly he was calling me strong. Who is this woman who refutes his childish games? Who is this woman who can make him jealous from afar? I am a challenge that he has never had to face. A few meaningless text messages. A few dates. He thought that he had conquered me, and with him I would be so weak to lay. The profound possibility of a beautiful emotional connection has been overlooked. The spaces to gain his heart and love him have been overbooked. Only a foolish woman would put her heart in a line of fire, in order to fulfill a shallow, physical desire.

darling, domo

2 comments on “Pretty Face.

  1. Very emotional and well-written.

  2. Thanks impurity1! Take care.

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