A Generation on Fire



We have all heard the term “young and dumb”, but some of today’s teenagers take this phrase into another dimension. I am not the habitual, every ten second,  Facebook checker.  I try to keep my presence on the network down to once a week so I can avoid seeing  idiotic stories like the one that I share with you tonight. Today’s bright youths are setting themselves on fire and posting the videos to their Facebook pages. I admit, I was a silly teenager who thought I knew everything, and would be knocked on my behind when life proved me wrong. But, even I knew that fire kills and scars the body severely and sometimes for life. The children are usually dared to douse themselves in alcohol, and ignite a lighter to their flesh, only to scream and frantically run toward the nearest water source. This generation makes me feel as though I am older than twenty-six, because I cannot name one classmate that lit themselves on fire for popularity or acceptance into a certain group while I was growing up. The “stop, drop, and roll” method was taught in my elementary school and we would practiced it. We were taught that fire is bad!  Not the children of today. Some blame social media for this idiotic and dangerous trend, but social media is what we make it. Some blame the parents of these children for not guiding them, but children do have a mind of their own.  I think that the need and want for internet fame, and “likes” has caused these children to not even care about harming the only body that they have. When we are young, we do feel invincible, but challenging the combination of fire versus flesh for popularity baffles me.  I am not a mother yet, but I pray for God to guide me to raise an intelligent child. A child that knows that life can be dangerous, and to not deliberately cause harm to anyone or themselves. Mistakes happen, but to deliberately burn yourself alive for acceptance of someone else is ridiculous. It is also rumored that a seventeen year old boy passed away while participating in the “challenge”. When you really sit and think about what is happening, you cannot help but feel sorry for these children. Are children really setting themselves on fire? The seventeen year old me would have quickly declined this offer as soon as I heard any combination of the words , “set”, “fire”, and “yourself” in one sentence. We all know that in certain countries, and at one point of time legally in ours, burning someone alive was a form of cruelty and punishment. Today, children are not challenging themselves to achieve their dreams, and surpass the expectations of whatever environment that they live in, they are being challenged to make a complete fool out of themselves for “likes”. Who cares about being scarred with third degree burns? Look at how many people liked it! It is a shame that this logic really exists in some young people’s minds. A sign of the times.

darling, domo


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